Planning, organization, execution and post-event

Appropriate venue selection.
Design and production of the event
Operation and coordination of the event.
Event logistics

A new way of designing events

Be part of the solution.
Culture that permeates within the company.
Contribute to the UN 2030 agenda.
Use of sustainable materials

Reduction in environmental impact

Use of inputs that require fewer resources to obtain them.
Solid waste reduction plan.
Use of seasonal products obtained in local communities.
Zero-waste catering

Local supplier for all merchandising

Sustainable gift proposals
Social impact on local artisans.
Direct and indirect economic impact.
Reduction of environmental impact.
Boost of the circular economy.

Promotion of inclusivity and accessibility

Job creation for people with reduced mobility (PRM)
Promotion of social and labor inclusiveness.
Control of accessibility barriers.
Access and exit planning.
Zone for PRM reserved.

Solid waste management

Solid waste reduction plan.
Zero-waste menu creation.
Awareness to suppliers and assistants.
Collection strategy and qualified personnel for the classification and collection of waste.
Collection and measurement of waste.
Treatment of waste (donation / recycling).

Carbon Footprint calculation and compensation

Analysis and collection of information.
Awareness in assistants and providers.
Parameter measurement.
Parameter analysis and carbon footprint obtaining
International bond purchase